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Sustainability – a very complex topic. In order to help you assess an issuers compliance with your sustainable investment policy, we – Vigeo Eiris & imug | rating – take a closer look. Analysing equity and bond issuers as well as other asset classes from varying perspectives such as exclusions, standard-based screenings, ESG ratings, SDG and climate data is one of our main strengths. However, our greatest strength is to tailor our analysis to your individual needs enabling you to meet all current sustainable investment strategies, regulatory and reporting standards.

You can access our sustainability research via a comprehensive global ESG online platform, as a direct interface to your systems, in reports and rankings or in personal advisory sessions. Whatever your ESG investment approach requires, we have the solution.

Exclusions and norm-based screening

Exclusion criteria, negative criteria and the so-called standards-based screening are the basis of most sustainable investment approaches and are an important component of ESG risk management. Companies that violate ethical & sustainable values through their activities or controversial behaviour can clearly be identified. Typical issues are the production of controversial weapons, the sale of tobacco and alcohol or the violation of labour & human rights.

Controversial Activities Screening

  • Negative screening covering 17 thematic areas on a universe of over 7,700 issuers
  • Growing list of ESG thematics including arctic oil, tar sands, cannabis, alcohol, nuclear power, tobacco and more – updated annually
  • Deliverables: Company Reports, Excel datasets, Portfolio analysis


Controversy Risk Assessment

  • A norms based Controversy Risk Assessment covering 38 ESG criteria
  • Systematic examination of the frequency, severity and responsiveness of the issuers to controversies – updated daily
  • Deliverables: Company Reports, ESG alerts and daily updates, Excel datasets, Portfolio analysis, Warning lists

ESG Rating

ESG ratings assess issuers through the lens of environmental, social and governance criteria all of which are merged into one overall score. The methodology is derived from internationally recognised standards and norms, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the specifications of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) or the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In practice, ESG ratings are often used in investment strategies such as ESG integration, best-in-class or best-in-progress.

Corporate Sustainability Rating

  • ESG assessments on global corporates built from a framework of 38 norms-based ESG criteria and integrating real time controversy analysis
  • Up to 15 years of historical data on a consistent and highly structured methodology applying 40 sector models
  • Deliverables: Company and Sector reports, Excel datasets, Portfolio analysis


Sovereign Sustainability Rating

  • ESG assessments provided for 180 sovereigns utilizing over 170 ESG risk and performance indicators
  • Benchmarking information, strengths and weaknesses outlined – updated bi-annually
  • Deliverables: Country Reports, Excel datasets


ESG Assessment for SMEs and Private Equity

  • ESG assessments covering unlisted, small and medium sized companies
  • Applying a tailored ESG methodology, a dedicated platform for company engagement and a dedicated team to bring companies through the process
  • Deliverables: Company reports, Excel datasets, Portfolio analysis


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the globally recognised model for a sustainable future. SDG research can be used to identify the companies that make a significant contribution to achieving these goals. Our research empowers investors to build dedicated SDG portfolios and identify future-oriented companies that make a significant contribution to achieving these goals.

Sustainable Goods & Services

  • Sustainable activity screening covering 9 impact investment themes derived from the SDGs
  • Ideal for the development of thematic impact funds and indices
  • Deliverables: Excel datasets, Portfolio analysis


SDG Assessment

  • Assessment on the overall contribution of an issuer to the SDGs
  • Integrating an assessment of behaviour as well as products and services to develop a consolidated opinion
  • Deliverables: Excel datasets, Portfolio analysis


Preventing or mitigating climate change is imperative for sustainable development. The 1.5 goal (Paris Climate Convention) provides investors with a clear framework to guide them. In practice, a switch to climate-friendly investments and portfolios can lead to new questions: Which stocks have the largest carbon footprint? Which company is pursuing a sustainable climate strategy?

Carbon Footprint & Energy Transition Strategy

  • Calculation of the carbon footprint for individual securities, investment portfolios and benchmarks
  • The Energy Transition Score reflects the quality of a company’s strategic management to address risks and opportunities associated with the transition to a low carbon economy

Customized solutions and consulting services

imug | rating is one of the leading sustainability rating agencies in Germany and specialist for tailor-made Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) research. Our goal is to find the best solution for your demand. Our references include distinct customized research projects – be it ESG analysis of international small and mid caps or designing frameworks for investments geared to sustainable development. Moreover, we have had the opportunity of being a partner of the Federal Government in terms of developing an evaluation methodology for the applicants of the CSR prize and in applying it to rate the candidates. 

  • Development of sustainable investment strategies
  • Tailor-made research
  • Implementation of standards, norms and regulation

Reporting and Compliance

Sustainable investments are growing at a rapid pace. Current sustainable finance activities at both European and national level are leading to a multitude of new requirements for all financial market players. New laws and regulations must be complied with and require a higher degree of transparency on sustainability and ESG issues than ever before.

  • ESG data for compliance with TCFD, EU taxonomy, EU Transparency Regulation, Mifid II
  • Continuous integration of all new developments
  • Innovative reporting tools and integration into existing systems

Real Estate

How can individual properties or comprehensive real estate portfolios be assessed in a practicable way based on consistent, valid, but also scalable sustainability criteria? Our Real Estate Monitor offers a customised evaluation tool for the real estate and financial sector.

imug Real Estate Monitor

  • Practical measurement system for the sustainability assessment of your real estate portfolio in a compatible, easy to integrate Excel tool
  • Individual scalability of ambitious and valid sustainability criteria
  • The assessment is based on national and international standards for sustainable building


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